Trust "Sunrise Accounting Internal" for Value-added Accounting Outsourcing Services. Accounting for Foreign Companies, Accounting Services in English, IFRS Accounting, Consolidated Financial Statements, Legal Disclosures, Quarterly Disclosures, Etc.

Sunrise Accounting International Co., Ltd.


As a Pioneer in Accounting
Outsourcing Companies,
Sunrise Provides Accounting Services
That Exceed Your Expectations.

President and CEO
Masahiko Nishiyama

Providing a solid Environment That Allows a Client to Concentrate on Its Core Businesses

Sunrise was established in 1996 and at that time there were virtually no companies providing accounting outsourcing services. Sunrise then started a new business we call “accounting outsourcing” in order to meet the needs of small/medium-sized companies looking to focus on their core business and increase their competitiveness by improving their management quality. Sunrise remains a pioneer in accounting outsourcing to this day. Our services have been appreciated by many clients and further grown in use for a wide range of businesses, from those in the manufacturing to the IT industry, from small/medium-sized to listed companies, and from domestic to foreign companies.

Accounting Outsourcing as a Part of the Service Industry

When you hear the words “accounting outsourcing,” perhaps you picture an “accounting agent” performing routine tasks in a country or region with low labor costs. However, what Sunrise has consistently pursued since our founding is not simply cost-saving accounting outsourcing but “value-added” accounting outsourcing.

On-site outsourcing, in other words, our staff working at a client’s place to provide accounting services, is one of the features of Sunrise. Business needs differ according to clients. Therefore, as a first step, we gain an in-depth understanding of each client’s business, and then organize an optimal team to fulfill the client’s needs. One of our biggest advantages is this solid teamwork to provide a client with the best possible accounting services as a team. I also believe that nothing is more important than our staff who have genuine service mind, always put our clients first and proactively strive to exceed their expectations.

Recently, we at Sunrise have established the company values we call the "Sunrise Set of Values." These values serve as the basic ideology for all members of Sunrise. Thanks to our clients, our business has been growing from the day of our establishment. With the expanding breadth of the work we perform, each and every one of us are more often required to make our ownjudgements under conditions with no precedent. It is my hope that, at such times, these five sets of values will serve as a guiding philosophy for all members of Sunrise; how to think, act, decide and evaluate all things we face in the business.

We, all Sunrise Staff, will continue to embrace this philosophy and further improve our service to create excellent value for our clients as a genuine business partner.

Company Profile

Company name Sunrise Accounting International Co., Ltd.
Location AKASAKA K-TOWER 18th Floor 1-2-7 Motoakasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0051, Japan
Telephone +81-3-5411-2170
Fax +81-3-5411-2178
President and CEO Masahiko Nishiyama
Established June 11, 1996
Business Accounting OutsourcingConsulting
Temporary Staffing (License No. Ha 13-305357)
Employment Agency (License No. 13-Yu-040513)
Capital 20 Million Yen
Main Bank MUFG Bank, Ltd Aoyamadori Branch
No. of employees 114

Partners in Japan and Overseas

Strategic Business Alliances

Grant Thornton Taiyo ASG LLC

Grant Thornton Taiyo ASG LLC
Headquarters & Tokyo Office
AKASAKA K-TOWER 22th Floor 1-2-7 Motoakasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0051, Japan
Telephone: +81-3-5474-0111

CEO Profile

President and CEO
Masahiko Nishiyama

Masahiko Nishiyama was born in Mie Prefecture in 1961. After graduating from Waseda University
with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Politics, he joined Tokyo Electron Limited.
Later, after serving as the CFO of several international companies,
he joined Sunrise Accounting International in 2003 as COO,
and became President and CEO in 2007.
Since that time, Mr. Nishiyama has been committed to developing
Sunrise's accounting outsourcing business into a truly client-oriented outsourcing service
by harnessing his own experiences on the client side.

Published Books
・Mirai o Tsukuru Keieisha ? 20 Nin no Global Keieisha Kara no Message
(“Businesspeople Building the Future ? Messages from 20 Global Businesspeople,”
published by the Japan Productivity Center) *co-author
・Zakkuri Kaikeiryoku ? Kondo Koso Nigatena Suji o Kofukudekiru ("Big Picture Accounting Abilities
- Finally Conquer the Numbers You're Not Good At," published by Gentosha Media Consulting)

Company Data

Our Clients

Over 20 years, Sunrise has supported more than 200 companies of various sizes and in a variety of industries.

Wide Range of Industries

Accounting practices are unique to each industry. Our diverse staff members, experts in accounting practices in different industries, provide our clients with the best accounting service passible, and support them strongly.

Client industries

Client industries

From Domestic to Foreign Companies

The majority of Sunrise staff are well-skilled both in English and accounting. Entrust Sunrise to support foreign companies and Japanese companies expanding into the global market.

Domestic/ Foreign Clients

Domestic/ Foreign Clients

From Listed Companies to Small and Medium-Sized Companies

Our staff, highly experienced in various accounting and ERP systems, support clients in an optimal way.

Listed / Non-Listed Clients

Client Size

Client Size

Our Staff

Our staff, possessing significant practical experience and qualifications in the field of accounting, support clients to the full extent of their abilities.

Organizing an Optimal Team to Satisfy each Client’s needs

We organize an optimal team consisting of staff members with well-rounded accounting experience and know-how for each client to provide support in the most effective and efficient way

Age Group

Age Group

Gender Ratio

Age of Qualifications

Accounting Qualifications

We have a group of professionals with both strong English skills and Accounting Certified Qualifications, such as Japanese certified public accountants and USCPA.

List of Qualifications
Certified Public Accountants 6
Passed CPA Exam 1
Licensed Tax Accountants 6
Passed Tax Accountant Courses 9
Passed Bookkeeping Exam Level 1 10
TOEIC Score Over 800 15