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Our business model
helps you develop your career.

President and CEO
Masahiko Nishiyama

Join Us, Gain Experience and Develop Your Skills

Since our establishment in 1996, Sunrise has steadily grown as a pioneer in the accounting outsourcing business. Perhaps you are wondering how Sunrise's accounting outsourcing is different from a temporary staffing or accounting firm. At Sunrise, we take on assignments from clients through teams composed of staff with the necessary skills for the client's needs and perform the work at the client's office. Sunrise supports a wide range of clients regardless of industry, from small-medium sized businesses to listed companies, from Japanese to foreign companies. I believe that with Sunrise, you will further develop your skills and advance your career while also gaining experience doing a variety of work with our clients.

Training Systems That Support Our Staff’s Growth

We have prepared various training programs to support our staff’s development. You will work on-site every day while receiving coaching from your manager and mentoring from fellow staff members. You will also be able to gain more advanced expertise through our regular in-house workshops on topics such as the latest accounting practices and taxation. We also have a Self-Development Subsidy System and an English Language Program.
Our training system was created with the aim of developing out staff's business skills both practically and theoretically.
That‘s why even newly-hired Sunrise staff are able to quickly develop their skills after joining Sunrise if they have a proactive learning attitude and a strong desire to deliver high-quality accounting services to our clients.

Becoming a Professional Business Person

At Sunrise, we believe that accounting outsourcing is a part of the service industry. Thus, in order to ensure consistent customer satisfaction, I expect all Sunrise staff to have good business sense as well as accounting abilities. I believe that only a person who truly understands a client’s business needs can deliver great service that exceeds their expectations. If you are eager to become a genuine business professional, working at Sunrise will be a valuable experience and a significant step in your career.
Join us at Sunrise, enjoy your work, and make excellent service a reality with motivated coworkers!

Our Staff's Comments ●

What Do Sunrise Staff
Think About the Company?
We Interviewd Our Staff to Find Out!
Here Are Their Real Voices!

  • Why did you decide to join Sunrise?

    I felt I'd gain accounting experience with companies from different industries and of different sizes.

  • What attracts you about working at Sunrise?

    Although I joined Sunrise inexperienced, I really feel I've been increasing my accounting abilities and Excel skills!

  • Tell us about an impressive experience you've had with Sunrise.

    I got a huge sense of accomplishment when I completed the year-end closing work for my client, which is a big company!

  • What's your goal?

    I will improve my skills as a licensed tax accountant while supporting our client's business growth.

  • Why did you decide to join Sunrise?

    I decided to join Sunrise because I thought I'd be able to gain a wide variety of hands-on accounting experience. I'm now getting even more amazing experience than I expected.

  • What attracts you about working at Sunrise?

    I get a sense of fulfillment doing various accounting jobs at a foreign company.

  • Tell us about an impressive experience you've had with Sunrise.

    My client's compliment telling me they could not have done the work without me made me feel confident and happy.

  • What's your goal?

    I will provide accounting services every day while working to balance accuracy and efficiency.

  • Why did you decide to join Sunrise?

    I heard that at Sunrise even a newly hired employee could gain experience working at a client company.

  • What attracts you about working at Sunrise?

    Through communication with staff overseas for the foreign company I'm in charge of, I've really improved my English communication abilities!

A Visit to the Office ●

An Open Company Culture and Staff with a Sense of Unity. Communication at Sunrise is Also Active and Lively.

A Visit to the Office

  • A Visit to the Office

    You work on-site in teams at a client's office, so you can learn general accounting tasks while working with experienced senior Sunrise staff.

  • A Visit to the Office

    We have an open company culture that allows us to communicate actively and exchange opinions freely.

  • A Visit to the Office

    We listen to each other and respect different opinions in meetings with managers. Such an open culture is also one of the appealing points about working at Sunrise.

  • A Visit to the Office

    Monthly in-house training is conducted by Sunrise managers in rotation. Over 80% of staff actively attend these sessions.

  • A Visit to the Office

    The average age range of Sunrise staff is in the early 30s. We respect the uniqueness of each staff, irrespective of age or sex.

  • A Visit to the Office

    “The Sunrise Set of Values” placed on each staff’s desk. Sunrise staff always keep these five values in mind while working.

Training Programs ●

Our Training Programs Tackle Practice and Theory

  • Training Programs
  • Monthly In-House Training

    Monthly In-House Training
    Sunrise has a well-developed learning environment for all staff. One example is the monthly in-house training session conducted by managers in rotation, where staff can study the latest tax and accounting information.

  • Practical Training

    Practical Training
    After joining Sunrise, you can develop your practical accounting skills while working on-site. We provide an environment that will improve your skills, including on-site coaching by managers and a job rotation system which enables you to experience accounting in a wide range of industries.

  • English Learning Program

    English Learning Program
    As many of Sunrise’s clients are foreign companies, staff who desire to develop their own English skills can participate in a learning program provided by Sunrise.

  • Self-Development Subsidy System

    Self-Development Subsidy System
    A subsidy for school expenses is provided to staff wishing to attend school to study accounting and brush-up their skills/knowledge while working. For example, some study accounting at graduate schools or bookkeeping at technical institutes.

  • Mental Health Care

    Mental Health Care
    Twice a year our staff is given the opportunity for individual counseling with a clinical psychologist. Of course, staff privacy is strictly protected.

  • Staff Presentation Competition

    Staff Presentation Competition
    Sunrise holds a staff performance presentation competition. Participation is on a voluntary basis. Participating staff make a preentation based on a pre-determined theme, such as their goals and work results. Attractive prizes are also provided to winners.

Recruitment Information ●

Available Jobs

General Accounting

Job Description

Payments, daily transaction records, cash flow report, business management reports, monthly financial statements, etc.

  1. 1. Manager Candidate
    In charge of multiple clients; responsible for delivering high-level services through the management of whole tasks and team members
  2. 2. Accounting Staff
    In charge of general accounting tasks at a client's office RequirementsPersons who have excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
    Persons who whole-heartedly understand the "Sunrise Set of Values" and will strive to work according to them.


Persons who have excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
Persons who whole-heartedly understand the "Sunrise Set of Values" and will strive to work according to them.

Essential Qualifications

  1. 1. Manager Candidates
    • ・ Persons who have at least one of the following certificates or an equivalent level of practical working experience: Licensed accountant/persons who have passed more than one subject of the licensed accountant exam course/persons who have passed the CPA exam up to the 2nd part
    • ・ Persons who have passed level 1 of the Bookkeeping Exam or who have an equivalent level of practical working experience
    • ・ TOEIC score of 800 or above or the equivalent level of business English abilities
  2. 2. Accounting Staff
    • ・ Persons who have passed the Bookkeeping Exam level 2 or an equivalent level of practical working experience

Selection Process

Please send us your resume with your photo and detailed professional experiences. Applicants will be contacted shortly after screening. Please specify the position you are applying for.

Hiring Process

Applicant Screening → Interviews → Job Offer

*Please be aware that application materials will not be returned.

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