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Sunrise Services Introduction

Supporting Clients with
Our Reliable Accounting Services
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Accounting Section Optimization

I often hear about companies facing problems such as shortages of accounting and financial specialists due to rapid business growth and vacancies caused by the sudden resignation of employees. There are also many companies finding it difficult to internally recruit and train accounting professionals who can adapt to ever more strict accounting standards and increasing internationalization such as the global consolidated accounts and IFRS standards. It is for companies facing issues such as these that I would encourage to consider our accounting outsourcing services.

Sunrise has gathered together a group of people with diverse background and abilities such as;
- Professionals with accounting qualifications such as bookkeepers, licensed tax accountants, Japanese and U.S. certified public accountants;
- Experts with thorough accounting knowledge and practical experience;
- Staff possessing both strong English and accounting abilities.
We can provide a wide range of accounting /finance services such as data entry, ocument checking, fund, management, payroll services, English financial reports, and support for introducing new accounting systems, etc.

Our Consulting Department is also able to provide highly specialized accounting/financial services such as creating securities reports and stock listing support. Our accounting professionals, including certified public accountants and licensed tax accountants, can provide financial reviews and advice.

Accounting Outsourcing Teams Customized According to each Client's Needs

Sunrise guarantees the quality of work entrusted to us until it is finished, which means clients can feel secure leaving the work to us. We provide the best possible service to our clients with well-balanced, skillfull teams. We also assign a manager to each client who supports and supervises the team, ensuring that reliable service is being provided.
Accounting standardization and optimization are one of the merits of utilizing our outsourcing services - we can support our clients in improving their accounting processes and efficiency.
By entrusting Sunrise with the everyday accounting work, clients can focus more on managing their accounting work, including financial decision making.

Taking into account the amount of work and the degree of difficulty, Sunrise provides the right number of staff over the time required for the work involved, making it possible to use our services only for the time and number of days necessary.

Providing Accounting Services That Satisfy Clients by Exceeding their Expectations

We not only complete the work contracted for as expected, we also aim for a higher level of outsourcing service by listening to our clients and understanding their needs so they feel a sense of value - we call this our "value-added" accounting outsourcing services.

Value-Added Accounting Outsourcing

Providing Services that
Exceed Customer Expectations

We would recommend our "value-added" accounting outsourcing service if you are interested in strengthening your accounting division while quickly dealing with manpower issues such as shortages or vacancies of accounting/financial specialists due to rapid business growth, sudden resignation of employees, or maternity/childcare leave.
Sunrise provides the best possible service to our clients through a well-balanced team composed of staff possessing the skills necessary for the task involved. For clients to feel secure entrusting the work to us, we also assign managers to each client for staff and work-quality supervision.
We urge you to consider our value-added accounting outsourcing as a powerful business partner who will smoothly run your company’s accounting.

We Support Clients with Our 5 "Strengths"

We Support Clients with Our 5 "Strengths"


Sunrise has a proven track record of having supported over 150 companies since our establishment in 1996. Most of our clients have chosen to continue using our services, expressing their appreciation for the constant high quality of our work.

Accounting Ability

Diverse human resources with abundant accounting system experience, accounting qualifications, practical work experience in a variety of industries, etc. Our staff with solid accounting abilities and backgrounds will proactively support your business.

Team Ability

Sunrise provides reliable services to our clients by assembling the most suitable team for the particular task, under the supervision of a Sunrise manager.

English Ability

Sunrise has many talented staff members highly fluent in English in addition to possessing solid accounting skills. We are confident in delivering work requiring both accounting and English abilities such as providing assistance in establishing the Japanese affiliate of a foreign corporation, making financial reports in English, and reporting to a foreign head office.


Sunrise is able to adapt to various conditions and efficiently complete the work by gaining an accurate understanding of the client's business environment. We are able to work with a wide range of industries, from Japanese to foreign companies and from small to large companies. Sunrise is also able to respond to the client's needs, such as providing assistance with “only part of the accounting work” or “only during busy periods.”

Examples of Utilizing Sunrise Accounting Outsourcing Services

  • Strengthening accounting capabilities to make strategic business decisions.
  • Quickly responding to sudden absences or leave of employees.
  • Meeting a need for excellent accounting staff with high English competence.
  • Flexible staffing to respond to fluctuations in the volume of accounting works.
  • Restructuring accounting processes.

Sunrise Value-Added Accounting Outsourcing Services

  • Accounting/Financial

    • Annual and Monthly Closing
    • Quarterly Disclosures
    • Daily Accounts Transactions
    • Consolidated Financial Statements
    • Debt and Credit Management
    • Securities Reports
  • Business Management

    • Business Management Reports
    • Internal Audits
    • Budget Control
  • Human Resources /General Affairs

    • Payroll/Social Insurance Administration
    • Support for Setting Rules and Regulations/Administration of Rules and Regulations
  • International Business Support

    • Support for Establishment of the Japanese Branch of a Foreign Corporation
    • Reporting to Overseas Head Offices

Comparison of Accounting Services

A comparison of Sunrise Accounting Outsourcing, Full-Time Employees, and Temporary Staffing

  Full-Time Employees Temporary Staffing
Merits For Clients
  • Can hire employees with high potential for key position from a mid-to-long-term perspective
  • Can hire and train staff with high loyalty to a company
  • Can secure required manpower with a comparatively low cost
  • Can flexibly request manpower, such as in an emergency and/or for shot periods of time
Demerits For Clients
  • Fixed personnel costs
  • Due to hiring difficulties, sometimes insufficient/no hand-over from employee leaving to new employee to the replaced person
  • High recruitment/training costs
  • Need to train and manage temporary staff
  • Work quality is influenced by quality of temporary staff himself/herself
  • Staff’s working shift is mostly fixed, sometimes leading wasted time and cost
  • Insufficient hand-over or non-hand-over in case of a sudden leaving of a temporary staff


Sunrise Accounting Outsourcing

  • Can respond quickly to a client's needs with our highly mobile staff possessing accounting and English abilities and extensive practical experience
  • The service can be customized with the optimum number of staff for the number of days needed depending on the client's requirements
  • Can be ordered only for the required period of time and/or work
  • Through our team system, the quality of work is guaranteed by the entire company
  • Staff are thoroughly trained and supervised by a Sunrise manager


Answers to Various Questions About Our Accounting Outsourcing Services

01.What is the difference between accounting outsourcing and temporary staffing?

The major difference is the guarantee of work quality. For temporary staffing, the quality of work is likely to depend on the abilities of the temporary staff member, while the company can manage/supervise their work like they are one of its own employees. In addition, there is a risk that it will be necessary to compensate for their loss if a temporary staff member suddenly leaves.
In contrast, Sunrise outsourcing not only uses truly skilled professionals to perform the work entrusted to us, we also guarantee the quality of the work as a team. Even in the unlikely event of a staff being replaced, Sunrise will ensure consistent work quality as a team using the best solution at that time, such as finding a suitable replacement. Whether outsourcing or temporary staffing is better for a company will depend on a client’s situation and needs, so please contact us today for more details.

02.I'm worried about the quality of work, How skilled and experienced is your staff?

Sunrise has gathered together a diverse array of human resources;
- Professionals with accounting qualifications such as bookkeepers, Japanese and U.S. certified public accountants, and licensed tax accountants
- Experts with extended business experience
- Bilingual staff possessing both strong accounting and English skills.
In addition, through an in-depth understanding of a client’s business and needs, we develop the work processes best suited to the client and organize a well-balanced team with the required skills and experience. Although we also have staff in their first year with our company, the managers assigned to each client supervise all work, ensuring that reliable quality and service are provided.

03.Can Sunrise be trusted to keep important deadlines, such as when filing financial statements or reports?

Since our establishment, Sunrise has conducted our business under the strong belief that providing high-quality-of-service by keeping deadlines is the duty of an outsourcer. That's why we assign a manager to each client to supervise the team and manage progress. In the unlikely event that work progress is delayed, the manager will solve the problem using the best possible method; such as increasing the number of staff involved.

04.It doesn’t look like we will be able to complete monthly (year-end) closing work; Can we start using Sunrise’s services immediately?

We have staff with extensive business experience and accounting skills to meet a variety of client needs. Depending on the work volume and the content, we can organize the right number of staff with right skills, so please start by contacting us first.

05.We are a foreign company; how good are your staff’s English abilities?

Sunrise has supported numerous foreign clients since our establishment. We have a large number of staff with significant business experience at foreign companies and TOIEC scores over 850. They are also highly skilled in accounting and you can entrust us with all manner of accounting work, including everyday accounting work, consolidated financial statements, business meetings in English, and reporting to an overseas head office.

06.One of our main accounting department employees just left; can Sunrise take over that employee's work immediately?

We often handle the core work of a client’s accounting department. By understanding and analyzing the work performed by the employee who left, Sunrise will propose the best possible work processes and select from among our staff the person with the right skill-set for the job, so please start by contacting us first.

07.What kind of industries can Sunrise work with?

Basically, Sunrise can work with any and all kind of industries. Since our establishment, we have provided accounting services to over 150 clients. We have extensive experience in a wide range of industries, including the food, pharmaceutical , IT, service, financial, and manufacturing industries. Sunrise understands the issues unique to each industry and is able to provide the best possible services for our clients no matter what industry they are in.

08.What if you make a mistake?

Sunrise assigns an experienced manager to each client. The manager supervises the team staff and the quality of work, so mistakes almost never occur. However, in the unlikely event that a mistake is made, Sunrise will quickly take care of the problem while performing a thorough investigation as to the cause and will report to the client on what can be done in the future to prevent its reoccurrence.

09.Does Accounting Outsourcing reduce costs compared to regular employees and temporary staffing?

Costs will vary depending on the type and volume of work involved. However, while regular employees and temporary staff are generally employed full-time, outsourcing is efficiently and flexibly staff in response to a client's need, so you can eliminate the waste. Sunrise's outsourcing service fees are also much more affordable than those of major auditors. Please contact us for details.

10.What’s the difference between Outsourcing and Consulting?

Sunrise outsourcing provides accounting services such as daily accounts processing, monthly closing work, and year-end financial statements. Consulting can provide more specialized accounting support when advancing management innovations, such as introducing internal audits, management accounting systems, stock price valuations, and stock listings. Sunrise can provide both outsourcing and consulting services.