A New Option for Your Corporate Strategy:
Accounting Outsourcing

Sunrise Accounting International is a group of accounting professionals who have supported more than 150 clients in the 25 years since its establishment as a pioneer in accounting outsourcing.

If you want to strengthen your accounting practice while quickly responding to a shortage of accounting and finance specialists due to rapid business growth or to fill employee vacancies, use our professional accounting services.

Sunrise’s Services

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About Us

Sunrise is a network firm of Grant Thornton Taiyo LLC

Sunrise Accounting International provides advanced and global accounting services as a Grant Thornton Taiyo LLC network firm, a member firm of Grant Thornton International

Grant Thornton Japan Group
Grant Thornton Taiyo LLC, Grant Thornton Taiyo Tax Corporation, Grant Thornton Taiyo Inc., and Grant Thornton Taiyo Advisors Co. are member firms of Grant Thornton International. GTI is one of the "BIG 6" international accounting firms with a network of more than 100 countries worldwide.