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Case Study

In the 25 years since its establishment, Sunrise has supported more than 150 companies in various industries, large and small.
Here are nine examples of the actual use of Sunrise for each company size and business content.

  1. Expense Reimbursement Operations

    Business operations have increased rapidly due to business expansion. Thus the accounting department has not been able to secure enough human resources to handle the workload.

    Number of employees: 10,000 or more

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    The volume of expense reimbursement work has increased rapidly due to business expansion. The existing temporary staff are not enough to handle the situation, putting pressure on the employees' work. Still, it is also difficult to secure staff quickly, so the workload is becoming unmanageable.

    • Accurate settlement processing under the company's rules and regulations, as well as a series of responses to inquiries from users
    • At the beginning and the end of the month, when the workload is high, additional staff is secured. To complete the work by the deadline, we thoroughly manage the work.

    By outsourcing expense reimbursement, including inquiries and management, the accounting department employees could focus on their core business. At the same time, the burden of managing operations, which had been concentrated on the accounting department managers, was reduced.

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  2. Accounts Receivable / Accounts Payable

    During the implementation of the new system, two accounting staff were leaving just before the annual closing.

    Number of employees: more than 1,000

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    The company was implementing a new system and just before the annual closing, so the workload was swelling. Under such circumstances, two employees in charge of receivables and payables were leaving the company. The remaining employees did not have time to take on tasks other than their own, going the company short-staffed.

    • Based on the interviews with the retired employees and the past documents, Sunrise understood and grasped the business quickly before the retirement date. By doing so, we could complete the handover, minimize the client's burden, and start working as an immediate force.
    • In addition to performing the receivables and payables work, we simultaneously improved the existing workflow to optimize it for the new system.

    We resolved the initial problem of workforce shortage while minimizing the burden on the client. In addition, we succeeded in improving work efficiency by enhancing the workflow by utilizing the new system's functions.

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  3. Accounts Receivable / Credit Management

    Respond to inquiries in English from overseas headquarters in cooperation with each department

    Number of employees: Less than 100

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    The domestic credit manager retired, and the credit management duties were transferred to the accounting department. However, due to the business expansion and implementation of a new system, there was no room for existing employees., which made the company have work that there was no one to accept.

    • While carrying out credit control operations, we worked with the client to organize and consolidate business procedures and visualize processes.
    • As the person in charge of credit management in Japan, our staff responded to inquiries in English from overseas headquarters in cooperation with each department.

    • The client was able to concentrate on business expansion and introducing a new system by having Sunrise handle the entire credit management operation, including the response to inquiries.
    • We could ensure the transparency of credit management operations by visualizing operations and quick information sharing unique to on-site.

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  1. Consolidated accounting / auditing / disclosure related

    Flexible support for operations where the person in charge is absent due to personnel transfer or retirement

    Number of employees: more than 40,000

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    Recruitment and training could not keep pace with the outflow of accounting staff due to retirements, maternity leave, and personnel transfers. As a result, there was a shortage of experienced accounting staff who could perform highly specialized tasks.

    • Sunrise flexibly handled the tasks for which there was no one in charge by the client's personnel transfer and reviewed of work assignments.
    • For highly specialized tasks such as consolidated closing, audit compliance, and disclosure-related tasks, Sunrise assigned staff with the appropriate skills to the client and carried out the tasks as an immediate force.

    By assigning personnel according to their expertise and responding flexibly, we were able to maintain quality and ensure smooth delivery of work in a short period. By functioning as a substitute for the client's employees who suddenly resigned or were transferred, the risk of personnel flow could be minimized.

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  2. Monthly/Annual closing operations

    Supports reforming of financial closing operations by listing works and managing progress

    Number of employees: more than 1,000

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    Since the person in charge changed frequently and the succession process continued without a list or manual, there were omissions in work and inconsistent procedures depending on individual skills. Because of that, the monthly settlement was not closed on time.

    • We made a list of closing tasks based on interviews and past vouchers and created a closing schedule considering the due date. We prevented the omission of tasks and controlled and rebuilt the closing process to proceed without delay.
    • In anticipation of the annual closing, we provided a wide range of services from fixed asset management and inventory management to support for tax filing.

    The closing process has been reformed by improving the settlement operations. As a result, subsequent reporting work has also been accelerated.
    The wide range of support has dramatically reduced the burden on the accounting department, allowing employees to focus on management accounting and system improvements

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  3. Monthly/Annual closing operations Consolidated closing and audit support

    Support the internalization of accounting operations by preparing manuals and maintaining operations

    Number of employees: Less than 100

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    An employee had been in charge of accounting alone for many years, and the work had become personalized.
    The newly appointed CFO was considering a fundamental review of the finance and accounting operations.

    • As a successor until the hiring of the next accountant, we reviewed all processes from daily accounting to reporting to the head office from a practical point of view based on our know-how in parallel with the regular operations and changed the processing method to be more accurate and efficient.
    • In parallel with the above, by renewing the manual, we created a system that enables anyone to perform tasks smoothly and accurately.

    By improving the accuracy of processing, we could realize enhancing the accuracy of reporting, reducing tax risks, which relieved the concerns of the management team.
    Standardization of operational procedures and the creation of manuals contributed to the elimination of human resource flow risks.

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  1. Budgetary control / Cost accounting Master maintenance

    Improving operations from the field's perspective helped strengthen cooperation between the budget management department and the field.

    Number of employees: more than 10,000

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    Communication with the sales department and factory staff regarding KPIs, which serve as budget and target management indicators, was not good. As a result, reports on KPIs from the sales department and factories were insufficient. In addition, an employee in the Budget Management Department suddenly left the company, leaving the department short of staff.

    In parallel with the requested work, we acted as a bridge between the budget control department and the sales department and factories and implemented the following operational improvements.

    • We created an operation manual for the sales department from scratch and improved the efficiency and appropriateness of the input work in the field.
    • We explained KPIs to factory managers and resolved the discrepancy in perception of KPIs between the field and management.

    Successfully strengthened cooperation between the budget management department and the sales / factory departments due to improving problems on the field, such as in the sales department and factories.
    By obtaining appropriate information from the field, the budget management department reduced and stabilized its workload, contributing to eliminating workforce shortages.

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  2. Budgetary control
    Profit management by segment

    From a practical point of view, we provide a series of support from the establishment of management accounting to its implementation.

    Number of employees: 1,000 or more

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    As the business expands, the number of stores managed has increased. The company wants to establish a system that enables them to grasp information on the performance of each store for management decision-making.

    • We built a management accounting system from scratch from a practical perspective in line with the client's needs and supported the implementation of the system.
    • We responded flexibly by rebuilding the management accounting system per management changes, such as opening new stores and establishing new businesses.

    Now the profit and loss statements of each of more than 50 stores and segments can be grasped accurately and managed. That enabled them to grasp the business status monthly closing and contributed significantly to supporting management decision-making.

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  3. Budgetary control
    Project profit management

    Support as business consulting from current situation analysis to process proposal

    Number of employees: 20 or less

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    The sales and expense figures reported by the sales department were uncertain. In addition, the lack of a process for aggregating the profits of each project and a method for budgetary control made it extremely difficult to grasp the business status.

    • After listening to the client's needs and analyzing the current situation, we developed and proposed the necessary project management files and aggregation processes. After adoption, we provided support from implementation to stable operation.
    • As a consultant, we provided support for atypical accounting-related tasks (e.g., payroll system, business transfer).

    The accurate aggregation and reporting of figures for each project and business led to prompt management judgment and decision-making. Furthermore, the reduction of time spent on accounting has created an environment in which the entire company can focus more on its core business.

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