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What is the difference between accounting outsourcing and temporary staffing?

The main difference is the guarantee of business quality. In the case of dispatched employees, the quality of the work depends on their ability. In addition, if a temporary employee suddenly quits, there may be problems with handover. However, if you outsource a part of your work to us, we will not only provide you with skilled staff, but we will also guarantee the quality of your work as a corporation. Even if there is a change in staff, we will take over the responsibility and maintain the quality of the work. Whether outsourcing or temporary staffing is better for you depends on your situation and needs, so please feel free to contact us first.

I am concerned about the quality of work. What level of skills and experience does your staff have?

We have a diverse team of accounting professionals with accounting and taxation qualifications such as bookkeepers, certified tax accountants, USCPA, certified public accountants, experts with a wealth of practical experience in the business world, and bilingual staff with both accounting and language skills. Also, we will grasp the business contents of our clients and form a well-balanced team of veteran and new employees. Although some of our staff have only been with us for a year, each client has its manager who oversees all operations to provide services with stable quality.

Can you properly meet the deadlines for closing and reporting?

Since our company's establishment, we have been doing business with the belief that the role of an outsourcer is to guarantee high quality and timely delivery. To this end, a manager in charge assigned to each client manages the progress of the entire business and takes responsibility for the contracted business. In the unlikely event of a tight deadline or delay in work, we will take responsibility for the work by using the most appropriate means, such as increasing staff. So please feel secure in leaving this to us.

It looks like we won't be able to close our accounts in time. Can we ask for outsourcing immediately?

As we have staff with a wealth of practical experience, we will respond as quickly as possible. If the volume of work you plan to request is enormous, we will secure the necessary number of staff to handle it. So please contact us first.

We are a foreign-affiliated company. What is the level of English skills of your staff?

Since our establishment, we have received many requests from foreign companies. Many of our staff members have extensive experience working for foreign companies, have high English skills with TOEIC scores of 850 or higher, and are highly skilled in accounting. Our clients entrust us with everything from the day-to-day accounting operations to the processing of consolidated financial statements, as well as explanations and meetings with the people in charge at foreign headquarters.

The staff member who was the core of our accounting department has quit, can we outsource the work that he or she used to do?

In many cases, we have been entrusted with the core operations of our clients' accounting departments. We will analyze your company's business process and the responsibilities of the staff member who left. After understanding the optimal business process, we will select a staff member with the necessary skill set. So please feel free to contact us first.

What industries can you handle?

We can handle all industries. Since our establishment, we have been entrusted with accounting services for more than 150 clients. We have extensive experience in various industries and sectors such as food, pharmaceutical, IT, services, finance, manufacturing, etc. Thus, we can provide stable and continuous accounting services while understanding the unique challenges of each industry.

What do you do in the event of a mistake?

We assign an experienced manager to each client to manage the overall quality of the work. In the unlikely event that a mistake occurs, we will handle it promptly, investigate the cause thoroughly, and report back to you with measures to prevent a recurrence.

Is accounting outsourcing more cost-effective than regular employees or temporary staffing?

The fee will vary depending on the type of the work and the amount of work requested. Hiring a full-time or temporary employee is a full-time job. However, you can flexibly consider the content of the outsourcing according to the scope and schedule of the work required by your company. In this sense, outsourcing is leaner and more efficient in that. In addition, our cost of outsourcing services is reasonable compared to the outsourcing services of major audit firms. Please feel free to contact us for more information about our fees.

What is the difference between outsourcing and consulting?

Accounting outsourcing is the contracting of accounting operations such as daily accounting processing and monthly and annual closing. On the other hand, accounting consulting supports accounting operations at the time of management innovation, such as introducing internal control systems, management accounting systems, stock price evaluation, and listing operations. Our company is capable of handling both outsourcing and consulting. Please feel free to contact us for further information.